2015 Oset 12.5 Race


This bike is designed for riders from 3 to 5 years old or, more specifically, for ideal rider heights up to 43�; kids grow at different rates! The suspension is set for riders up to 50 lbs. The seat height is just 15�, and the bike weighs 47 lbs. This machine is driven by a powerful 500W Rare Earth - Neodymium Magnet Motor that will take the rider up some serious hills! Gearing is set for a maximum of 14mph, and acceleration is very fast! OSET�s unique �speed dial� allows the responsible adult to set the top speed anywhere from zero to maximum. With a full coverage chain guard, the parental speed dial control, great suspension front and rear, a V-brake on the front and a very effective band brake on the rear, this bike is functionally brilliant, while still being very safe when used responsibly. FOR MORE INFO VISIT: http://osetbikes.com/us/oset-bikes-en-US/oset-12-5-24v/