2015 OSET 16.0 Race


The OSET 16.0 36v is the perfect machine for more advanced riders from 5 to 10 years old. This is physically the same size bike as the OSET 16.024v, but fitted with an amazing 36v 750w motor, controller and accompanying electrical system. This motor is very strong and provides a lot of extra power. We do not recommend this bike for raw beginners. This machine is better for riders that have shown some talents and skills for riding. It should be noted that the power delivery on this bike is much more abrupt, and while the bike is a more capable tool than its younger brothers, we do advise less experienced riders to opt for the 16.0 24v OSET. FOR MORE SPECS AND INFO VISIT: WWW.OSETBIKES.COM OR COME IN AND TALK TO US!