2015 OSET 20.0 48v ECO


OSET is proud to announce the expansion of the range to include our all new 20.0 Electric bike. After 3 years in development, we are finally in production and expecting bikes late December 2012. Various prototypes have been run over the last two seasons, with test pilot Oliver Smith achieving some stunning results. Oliver steered the early form of this model to a final round victory at the ACU British Youth D class back in 2010. In 2011 Oliver progressed to the Youth C medium wheel class & once again took victory at the final round - beating riders on 80cc gasoline powered machines! This machine is clearly very capable in competition, but the true benefits go way beyond competitive events. Being electric and essentially silent means that this bike can be used in many more places than gasoline machines. The rider can use this in the back yard without the neighbours even realising! Beyond all that, the OSET 20.0 is simply a huge amount of FUN!! Age range: 7-13 years old. Great fun for adults too! MORE SPECS AT WWW.OSETBIKES.COM